Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Price is (Finally) Wrong

The daytime game show made famous by Bob Barker is now alleged to replace him with Rosie O'Donnell, as if the fat bitch hasn't caused enough problems with every other show she has hosted. If you don't remember, she anchored her self named show for a while until she had to watch her kids or some weird nonsense, as if she is the only host with children. then she made her television comeback with The View, a show mostly for women owned by Barbara Walters. Her personality on the show became larger and larger until finally she was the only one she allowed to speak and used every chance as a platform to spew her anti-American vomit (such as accusing the American government of rigging the world trade towers with explosives and allowing, or even planning the planes to crash into them) until one episode in which another co-anchor, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, stood up to Rosie. The outcome was nasty and became the demise of Rosie's career. Yet somehow daytime television hasn't learned their lesson and are now asking for more garbage by replacing Bob Barker on The Price is Right . I predict this will be the end of one of the longest running shows in history.

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jenny said...

That would be sad if the show was discontinued. Did you know that "Soul Train" is the longest running show in television history?