Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's the difference?

Maybe it's just us but we swear we had deja vu after reading this articleGoogle News about now ex-Mayor Spitzer. Isn't this eerily similar to Bill Clinton's predicament? Well OK there was one difference: money for career advancement. Why didn't Spitzer deny accusations to the end? More importantly how did Clinton Get away with a similar predicament?
The only benefactors, republicans, enjoy a breather from "The Finger of Infidelity". We just can't see how this would have any real difference in the presidential race. In other words, this shouldn't give the Republicans any real advantage. So, Why is it receiving so much press? Outside of New York; who cares?
Most importantly, Spitzer/Clinton: what's the difference?

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's been awhile...

Much has changed since our last post almost a year ago. One presidential nominee has already been decided. Two, almost equally socialistic, democrats battle for their party's blessing.
The remaining democrats, Clinton and Obama, are similar in almost every way except physically. They each have their own infinite spending plans, as if they create the wealth used to fund their inefficient, anti-free market programs.
No candidate is as ambiguous as Obama. Preaching the intangible catchphrase "CHANGE!" he has the nation's majority of democrats (so far) wantonly searching for an equivocal ideal whose only creation would be a bottomless pit of unlimited spending much like that of the war on drugs or the war on terror or the war on poverty. That is no change from the current administration. What Obama has accomplished is coercing his following into believing the need for change is the most dire when the opposite is true. If anything, we need to stop changing. Stop raping and distorting the constitution towards our own ends. Our country's founders never intended to create "living document", rather a complete document outlining the boundaries of our government's power not its citizens' rights.
Unfortunately, Obama has succeeded very well in his campaign thus far winning the majority of democrats' approval. Let's hope the current majority for Obama becomes the minority at the polls (if people are naive enough to allow him to progress that far).

Monday, July 16, 2007

Senator Reid Plans All-Nighter

Accoring to the CNN Political Ticker: Dems Plan All-Nighter.

This is a filibuster over a bill the Democrats already anticipate falling short of the 60 votes they need to pass cloture and move to vote on the amendment. Senator Jim Webb (VA) introduced a troop layover amendment last week that came as close as 56 votes almost reaching that pivotal 60 vote count needed to move the amendment toward a full vote. His amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill was considered to be a bold step by the Senate to intervene with the President's ability to control troop deployment. - effectively moving toward a withdrawal. In the past few weeks several Republican Senators have "jumped ship," essentially giving up on toting the line.

We'll see if this really makes any difference.

Sen. Jim Webb vs. Sen. Lindsay Graham

In this clip from "Meet the Press," we have Sen. Jim Webb vs. Sen. Lindsay Graham on issues revolving around our war in Iraq. Who do you think won this round? It has been reported that senior Senator John Warner has contacted senior Whitehouse officials including Karl Rove and told them there is a need for the President to change course in Iraq before it ruins the image of the Republican Party - He said that "the President's legacy is at stake." I think it's obvious that this President doesn't care so much about any legacy let alone his own or even that of the United States.

Many Presidents before G.W. Bush worked hard to raise the honor and respect of our great nation, unfortunately we take a step backwards every day Bush is in office. Opps, I guess I'm supposed to be unbiased - sorry, that slipped.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Clinton/Edwards 2008

I have a suspicion that Clinton and Edwards will be on the same ticket in 2008. I think they have a great chance at winning. No one on the Republican side is strong enough to oppose this 2008 duo. I hope Fred Thompson enters the race I think he would be a formidable opponent, especially with Bloomberg in the mix to split alliances.

Moore the "Sicko"

I think by now everyone realizes that Moore is the "Sicko" not our health care system. It has been quite clear since "Bowling for Columbine" that Moore misuses data and statistics to create distorted "facts" that "prove" his own ends. CNN, arguably the most liberally biased news network, surprisingly points out many flaws in the documentary. I am glad everyone finally sees through this Jabba the Hut looking character in to the "Sicko" that he truly is.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ron Paul Leads McCain

Well it seems that more people than this publication are behind Mr. Paul .

John A. Rizzo as head of CIA

Senators Question CIA Nominee on Torture, The Washington Post

Bush administration nominee for general counsel of the CIA, John A. Rizzo, has been regarded by most as condoning and supporting torture. John McCain has been one of the few conservative presidential candidates to come out clearly against torture. Being a victim of torture himself, I think he understands the moral accountability of the government in regards to torture. John A. Rizzo is already the acting general counsel for the CIA but is awaiting confirmation from the Senate.

Above is a clip of a hearing debating Rizzo's involvement with torture and other issues. I would just like to know when we could take a stand against these sort of practices. Do you feel America has lost some of its moral credibility? Do you think other countries trust America to be fair and honest when it comes to war-time situations?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

John Edwards on Vanity

Now I really love John Edwards, I really think his campaign has been doing a decent job as far as developing a message and an image during this early presidential campaign season. I supported Edwards as the nominee in 2004 - I thought he was that great! I really admired how he held his official announcement on the front porch of a house in the devestated 9th Ward in New Orleans - he has really brought the focus back to that area and rasied the question of accountability from our government. He has also ran a populist campaign focusing primarily on the poor and the disparities they face today. I wonder how John would have voted on immigration.

Anyway, as I said, I love John Edwards, and that is why I am bringing up this point - how can he assume to represent poor and humble working-class American's when he is paying $400 for haircuts with his campaign contributions? I doubt many of these people in the 9th Ward could have given more than $20, and while that is not where most of his contributions come from do you think they would condone a $400 haircut with the money they contributed?

I love John Edwards - but I think he needs to come clean and be honest about how he is a omega-rich millionaire and cut the crap about being modest and receptive to the needs of the poor. No one is going to hold it against you that you are rich John, you lived the American Dream, you made your money through hard work - let people know that. But it is dubious and a little deceptive to present these ideas when you live in a compound bigger than the Whitehouse.

You can appeal to people by telling them you want them to have access to the same road you had to prosperity - tear down them walls, but PLEASE do not spend anymore of the money I contributed to your campaign on some damn haircuts!!!!

CIA Scandals Released

"CIA Releases Files on Past Misdeeds"

The CIA has recently released hundreds of pages of documents related to their many scandals and cover-ups over the past few decades since the agency's inception. While the report is said to be shallow it does give us a glimpse into the otherwise relatively unknown shadow-world of our primary inteligence agency. Some of the records released exposed plans and activities that included spying on American's (understated), attempted assasinations on foreign dignitaries, and experimenting on American citizens with drugs and possibly mind control. All of this sounds unwordly I know, but these papers have been released and give some credibility to the many "conspiracies" that have been the subject of "baseless" gossip throughout the years.

The question I would like to raise is that if these reports are true - then what else has been going on? I have attached this clip about MKULTRA - now, I have no viewpoint on whether these experiments have any grounded facts to prove they actually took place, but I do think that it is ironic that there is such a prevelence of these claims documented on the internet (which doesn't count for much), but also on public record. I have heard stories and many of them are very typically the same - so much so that I do not believe people are making the stories up themselves. I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Colber Report with Ron Paul 6/13/2007

Monday, July 2, 2007

Government Agencies Who Needs Them

For years the incompetency of government has been blamed on the lack of government. I would like to show the fallacy of this argument by creating an illustration. Imagine that there is a beautiful island that hasn't been discovered, but soon a ship lands on the island, discovering it. The ship carries rats which quickly reproduce and cause an imbalance in the natural ecosystem, so should the captain deliver more rats to the island to solve the problem, obviously not, so why are we so easily fooled into thinking that more government always solves the problem. This article shows how government agencies manipulate statistics to "prove" their worthiness. This article creates an alternative to our bureaucratic tale.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Republican Party Candidates

Even though I don't believe in voting, and accept that it is a waste of time their is one Republican candidate that is much different than any other candidate on either side of the fence. He calls himself a "constitutionalist", believes in limited government, and agrees with this publication on the subject of "Wars on Ideals" (see archives). You should check this guy out, just don't vote for him or any other politician on election day!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


The member of the EU with the lowest unemployment rate is Germany at 9.1%, about twice the US's unemployment rate. Less government intervention and job security has helped Germany move to the #1 spot.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Illegal Immigration

Here is a little history of how we have treated illegal immigrants in the past and a little about how americans feel about Senator Lindsay Graham from South Carolina.

A Blog in Paris

Paris is out of prison today. I wonder how she feels about the whole situation .

What's wrong with selling organs?

I have always wondered why the private sector hasn't put up kiosks to accept donated organs. I imagine something similar to a pawn shop where people go, have some organ removed or maybe sell it for a later removal date, and then receive some type of compensation for their organ donation. Some sceptics out there claim that this would lead to some type of "organ harvesting", where people are killed for their organs. It is true that people steal merchandise, such as jewelry and electronics, to pawn, but I believe killing someone for their organs is a little different. First, there is no way a person would not get caught organ harvesting. Second, there would have to be some type of log or other way of keeping track of who donated what organ. The organs would have to be donated at the site or kiosk, not brought to the kiosk in a cooler. The argument pawning organs leads to murder is like saying undertakers should kill so that they receive more business. It just doesn't make sense.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Al Gore and His Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore is scared to run for president because of a different type of inconvenient truth than his slided view on global warming, just one more example of why he sucks!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Price is (Finally) Wrong

The daytime game show made famous by Bob Barker is now alleged to replace him with Rosie O'Donnell, as if the fat bitch hasn't caused enough problems with every other show she has hosted. If you don't remember, she anchored her self named show for a while until she had to watch her kids or some weird nonsense, as if she is the only host with children. then she made her television comeback with The View, a show mostly for women owned by Barbara Walters. Her personality on the show became larger and larger until finally she was the only one she allowed to speak and used every chance as a platform to spew her anti-American vomit (such as accusing the American government of rigging the world trade towers with explosives and allowing, or even planning the planes to crash into them) until one episode in which another co-anchor, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, stood up to Rosie. The outcome was nasty and became the demise of Rosie's career. Yet somehow daytime television hasn't learned their lesson and are now asking for more garbage by replacing Bob Barker on The Price is Right . I predict this will be the end of one of the longest running shows in history.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The Futility of War on Ideals

For some reason or another we as citizens have accepted waging war on ideals. Our country used to try and enhance peaceful struggles instead of condoning military conflict. I believe in some aspects of the "war on terror", but I see it for what it truly is, propaganda; and as bob dylan said "propoganda all is phony". The name exhibits a patriotic theme that creates an environment where people can be called traitors if they don't believe in the "war on terror" (say aloud "i don't support the 'war on terror'" and see how it doesn't exactly sound right). We are never going to win the war against terrorists until we can clearly define a region, country or group to attack. Otherwise it will end up like the war on drugs, and we all know how that is going!

What's with these immigrants?

The new immigration bill, which both sides of the fence are calling an "amnesty bill", misses the main points of the problem with illegal immigration.
First, the security problem. The main problem with the influx of people coming into America is whether or not they are intending to commit acts of violence. Terrorists have found that they can disguise themselves as Mexicans and slip into the U.S. without a problem. The bill never addresses this problem, but I don't believe that a wall separating us from Mexico helps either. I think that is a little communist. (We all know what happened the last time a wall was built (Hint:Germany)). The only way to solve the problem is to hire more border guards and allow them to do their jobs and set up checkpoints for issuing Illegals temporary work visas. They are going to come anyway we might as well have the chance to check each one before they come into the country.
Second, the job problem. Immigrants work jobs at a lower wage than would be demanded by American citizens. Is this a problem? Are they really "stealing" jobs? Are they really hurting unemployed Americans, or anyone else for that matter? The answer is yes they are hurting certain groups, but these illegals benefit more people than they hurt. Illegals allow their employers to charge a lower price for products which helps all of our pockets. The problem is the government's ability to slash all incentives to work and produce wealth. Which group do illegals hurt the most? That should be obvious, but for those less intuitive people out there the answer is this: They hurt teenagers and people with little or no skills in the workforce. The same group that is hurt by the minimum wage. You see, employers act on a strict budget. One of their highest production costs is labor. When the price of labor goes up then the demand for labor goes down, of course the first people that go are those with the least ability to produce or those with the least amount of education in that field. There is still the problem that hiring these workers is illegal, but they will continue to be hired as long as the benefits to the employer outweigh the costs. One way to stop employers from hiring Illegals is to inact stricter sanctions on the employers. If no one will hire illegals, then there is no reason for them to come to America. If people agree that Illegals shouldn't have jobs in America, then this solves the problem.
The problem will not be solved by the new immigration bill. It should be struck from the record books and we should enforce the laws already in place.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Props to New Artist

I would like to give props to an up and coming artist. I think it was Picasso who said "Give me a museum and I'll fill it" (or something to that effect). If this guy painted enough to fill a museum, it would be one hell of a show! He's a genius and a revolutionary. Check this guy out at!


I think it is time we finally take a stand against politicians that do not heed the American people by not voting for any office in the next election. I do not see any logic in "choosing the lesser of two evils". If someone perceives something as evil then shouldn't they steer clear of that evil instead of condoning it. It is time we took back the White House and show our dissatisfaction with the American government. Polls show that the approval ratings for the Congress and the President added together barely passes fifty percent. There is no clearer message for our disapproval for both parties and for lifelong politicians than to refrain from voting!