Friday, June 15, 2007

What's with these immigrants?

The new immigration bill, which both sides of the fence are calling an "amnesty bill", misses the main points of the problem with illegal immigration.
First, the security problem. The main problem with the influx of people coming into America is whether or not they are intending to commit acts of violence. Terrorists have found that they can disguise themselves as Mexicans and slip into the U.S. without a problem. The bill never addresses this problem, but I don't believe that a wall separating us from Mexico helps either. I think that is a little communist. (We all know what happened the last time a wall was built (Hint:Germany)). The only way to solve the problem is to hire more border guards and allow them to do their jobs and set up checkpoints for issuing Illegals temporary work visas. They are going to come anyway we might as well have the chance to check each one before they come into the country.
Second, the job problem. Immigrants work jobs at a lower wage than would be demanded by American citizens. Is this a problem? Are they really "stealing" jobs? Are they really hurting unemployed Americans, or anyone else for that matter? The answer is yes they are hurting certain groups, but these illegals benefit more people than they hurt. Illegals allow their employers to charge a lower price for products which helps all of our pockets. The problem is the government's ability to slash all incentives to work and produce wealth. Which group do illegals hurt the most? That should be obvious, but for those less intuitive people out there the answer is this: They hurt teenagers and people with little or no skills in the workforce. The same group that is hurt by the minimum wage. You see, employers act on a strict budget. One of their highest production costs is labor. When the price of labor goes up then the demand for labor goes down, of course the first people that go are those with the least ability to produce or those with the least amount of education in that field. There is still the problem that hiring these workers is illegal, but they will continue to be hired as long as the benefits to the employer outweigh the costs. One way to stop employers from hiring Illegals is to inact stricter sanctions on the employers. If no one will hire illegals, then there is no reason for them to come to America. If people agree that Illegals shouldn't have jobs in America, then this solves the problem.
The problem will not be solved by the new immigration bill. It should be struck from the record books and we should enforce the laws already in place.


Anonymous said...


Very good points you make here. I think you are right, these are the main concerns that most americans share. I think that most citizens want enforcement first and for the government to deal with the existing problems of immigraiton in our country today rather than taking a million steps backward and accept that our government cannot contain this situation. It would certainly be impossible for the government or any private contractor to run nearly 20 million background checks even within a month long period. This obviously raises concern about the ability of the administration or even the seriousness of the administration to make certain that they are not allowing criminals into the country. I hate to quote Lou Dobbs, but he seems to be the voice against this bill, he has said that nearly 30% of the convicts in the US are illegal immigrants:

So, where does that leave us??

If immigration services and border security cannot contain or respond to these issues then there needs to be an expansion of those departments.

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Anonymous said...

Did you know that the illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the United States .