Saturday, July 14, 2007

Moore the "Sicko"

I think by now everyone realizes that Moore is the "Sicko" not our health care system. It has been quite clear since "Bowling for Columbine" that Moore misuses data and statistics to create distorted "facts" that "prove" his own ends. CNN, arguably the most liberally biased news network, surprisingly points out many flaws in the documentary. I am glad everyone finally sees through this Jabba the Hut looking character in to the "Sicko" that he truly is.


Anonymous said...

I dont care if this dude looks like Jaba the Hut or if CNN tried to prove his claims as false. I would never go to Cuba for medicine of course. But Moore's overall message is striking and no doubt the health care industry does not want you to see this film. Michael Moore was right when he pointed out the "Daily Dose" on CNN, the daily health feature, is always sponsored by "Levitra," or "Prilosec," or any other prescription drug marketing ad just fill in the blank. If you feel you can stand up for the health care and insurance companies by saying this movie is trash - well, you are plainly of sides - this movie brings some much needed attention to the area of medical care and the way that is managed in America. It is true American's pay the most per capita for health care in the world, not is not to be unexpected - that is because American's expect the very best health care. While we spend so much of our money, it is clear some of us are only one accident away from financial failure - and that shouldn't be so. Michael Moore, thanks for making this film. Health care industry, insurance industry, and government please do something to make the number one concern in America - Health care, much more affordable and much more fair and efficient. I certainly don't think that is a lot to ask for.

JLS said...

I can't believe there is some drug-company induced conspiracy driving up health care costs, nor can I believe that other people actually stay around to listen one second after this grotesque dumb ass opens his mouth. There are many sources to blame than the drug companies who spend most of their money on research and development. They create new drugs to lengthen our lives everyday, but the FDA and other bureaucracies keep the drugs from ever hitting the shelves, making R&D more and more expensive which drives up the price of medicine. The next big blockade to cheaper health care is the Medical Doctors Association. The MDA makes the standards of becoming a doctor more and more stringent. They blame it on creating better doctors but in reality they create a shortage of doctors, driving up the price and filling their pockets. These are the two main reasons for the high care costs of medical attention in America. Insurance companies have to keep up with the rising prices, so they have to raise their premiums. The cost of Malpractice insurance is also through the roof because of the outlandish sums of money rewarded in court. Most of these cases are frivolous and should not even be considered. It isn't greed raising the price of medical care in this country. The inefficiencies of government are to blame. I would like to take a second to reiterate some of the points of the two clips. Even though America barely makes the top fifty countries of health care they are number one in certain categories such as wait time and satisfaction. These are the two main categories to me and I'm sure most people as well. If you think our current health care system is inefficient and unfair, then you are in store for a treat if universal health care is ever passed in this country. One thing I have learned is that bigger government creates bigger problems.