Friday, July 6, 2007

John A. Rizzo as head of CIA

Senators Question CIA Nominee on Torture, The Washington Post

Bush administration nominee for general counsel of the CIA, John A. Rizzo, has been regarded by most as condoning and supporting torture. John McCain has been one of the few conservative presidential candidates to come out clearly against torture. Being a victim of torture himself, I think he understands the moral accountability of the government in regards to torture. John A. Rizzo is already the acting general counsel for the CIA but is awaiting confirmation from the Senate.

Above is a clip of a hearing debating Rizzo's involvement with torture and other issues. I would just like to know when we could take a stand against these sort of practices. Do you feel America has lost some of its moral credibility? Do you think other countries trust America to be fair and honest when it comes to war-time situations?

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