Thursday, July 5, 2007

John Edwards on Vanity

Now I really love John Edwards, I really think his campaign has been doing a decent job as far as developing a message and an image during this early presidential campaign season. I supported Edwards as the nominee in 2004 - I thought he was that great! I really admired how he held his official announcement on the front porch of a house in the devestated 9th Ward in New Orleans - he has really brought the focus back to that area and rasied the question of accountability from our government. He has also ran a populist campaign focusing primarily on the poor and the disparities they face today. I wonder how John would have voted on immigration.

Anyway, as I said, I love John Edwards, and that is why I am bringing up this point - how can he assume to represent poor and humble working-class American's when he is paying $400 for haircuts with his campaign contributions? I doubt many of these people in the 9th Ward could have given more than $20, and while that is not where most of his contributions come from do you think they would condone a $400 haircut with the money they contributed?

I love John Edwards - but I think he needs to come clean and be honest about how he is a omega-rich millionaire and cut the crap about being modest and receptive to the needs of the poor. No one is going to hold it against you that you are rich John, you lived the American Dream, you made your money through hard work - let people know that. But it is dubious and a little deceptive to present these ideas when you live in a compound bigger than the Whitehouse.

You can appeal to people by telling them you want them to have access to the same road you had to prosperity - tear down them walls, but PLEASE do not spend anymore of the money I contributed to your campaign on some damn haircuts!!!!

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