Monday, March 10, 2008

It's been awhile...

Much has changed since our last post almost a year ago. One presidential nominee has already been decided. Two, almost equally socialistic, democrats battle for their party's blessing.
The remaining democrats, Clinton and Obama, are similar in almost every way except physically. They each have their own infinite spending plans, as if they create the wealth used to fund their inefficient, anti-free market programs.
No candidate is as ambiguous as Obama. Preaching the intangible catchphrase "CHANGE!" he has the nation's majority of democrats (so far) wantonly searching for an equivocal ideal whose only creation would be a bottomless pit of unlimited spending much like that of the war on drugs or the war on terror or the war on poverty. That is no change from the current administration. What Obama has accomplished is coercing his following into believing the need for change is the most dire when the opposite is true. If anything, we need to stop changing. Stop raping and distorting the constitution towards our own ends. Our country's founders never intended to create "living document", rather a complete document outlining the boundaries of our government's power not its citizens' rights.
Unfortunately, Obama has succeeded very well in his campaign thus far winning the majority of democrats' approval. Let's hope the current majority for Obama becomes the minority at the polls (if people are naive enough to allow him to progress that far).

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